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Deni Ice Cream Maker with Candy Crusher

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Deni Ice Cream Maker

Colorful little guys aren’t they?

The Model number varies by color so:

  • Raspberry – Model 5202
  • Lime – Model 5203
  • Blueberry – Model 5201
  • Platinum – Model 5204
  • White – Model 5205

This Deni Ice Cream Maker with Candy Crusher is a Freezer Canister design and comes with hand cranked compartment for grinding candies or nuts, etc to add to your churning ice cream while it freezes. It has a 1.5 quart capacity. Like all freezer canister models you have to store the main canister (that white cylinder behind the plastic in the middle of the unit) in your freezer for a minimum of 8 hours  to freeze it. Its likely to take closer to 24 hours from experience. Then, when you make your ice cream mixture you have to pre-chill it so that its very cold if not close to freezing. (Tip: If you have consistent problems with freezing it sometimes helps to stick the mixture in your freezer for 20 minutes or so right before you make it.) When everything is absolutely ready to go – and not before – you take the canister out of the freezer, pour in the ice cream mixture and wait and pray for 30 minutes or so until your ice cream freezes.

The Deni Ice Cream Maker is a simple machine both to use and clean. After using it once or twice you will probably be able to do so in your sleep, though that’s not recommended :). You can check out the manual here for the whole story – plus it has some recipes in it.

The nicest thing about this ice cream maker is that it is one of the least expensive you can purchase. At time of writing the prices vary on Amazon between $45 – $60 depending on the color. It has been my experience that the mojo in the freezer canisters that causes them to actually freeze ice cream goes back to heaven (or hell) after a year or two, so regardless of manufacturer, a colorful, inexpensive model that matches your retro 1960’s Plastic Space Pod decor and works for for a few years would be a nice thing.

What do the People think …..

I personally have moved on from my days using a  freezer canister style of ice cream maker having moved on to a more automated unit 🙂  Having said that,  it is where I started!  For feedback from users currently using  freezer canister machines, let me summarize some Amazon customer reviews written by those intrepid purchasers who have gone into the breach for us!

At time of writing there were 64 reviews.

  • 5 Stars – 65%
  • 4 Stars – 7%
  • 3 Stars – 8%
  • 2 Stars – 7%
  • 1 Star –    13%
  • Overall 4.0 Stars

80% of the reviews are positive. and 20%  negative. This is very encouraging ,  but let’s see what people actually said.

A few of the five star folks said the machine worked flawlessly. For example:

I bought this so I could replicate more exotic ice cream flavors that aren’t readily available in my new small town. This machine really is fantastic. It’s cute and it works well. The deserts turn out great. The included recipes are helpful. Not a single complaint.

Many people complained of never getting past “cold soup” in the freezing process. This is the classic problem with freezer canister based makers. You can sometimes get around this by making a smaller quantity of mix, say a pint rather than a quart and by making sure your mix is right around freezing before adding it to the machine.

Comments on the candy crusher function described it as ‘a disappointment’. Users instead hand chopped or used their food processors to create the special bits to mix in with the ice cream!

A complaint brought up a few times was that the mixing blade doesn’t fit well against the bottom and sides of the canister. This can cause a layer of rock hard frozen ice cream on the canister walls that in turn acts like an insulator, preventing the bulk of the ice cream mixture to freeze.

It was mentioned that if you turn the unit off in the middle of churning,  it doesn’t turn back on 🙁


The feedback in these reviews is typical of  freezer canister ice cream makers. For some people they seem to consistently work well, for others, they sometimes produce “cold soup”. One might conclude from this that there IS a process that MUST be adhered to in order to achieve a successful batch of ice cream. This Deni Ice Cream Maker unit seems to have a issue with how snugly the paddle fits in the canister, which can exacerbate the freezing problems for some people. In this ‘budget end’ price range (under $100) where the process is less automated than in more costly units, it’s typical for a percentage of customers to have some kind of problem with their units – possibly due in some part to operator error. The good news is that they look great,  are very inexpensive and the majority of users do achieve a good result :). If you are willing to work with its idiosyncrasies and follow the process closely, buying a Deni Ice Cream Maker gets you into the making ice cream business that you might not otherwise do, then go for it!

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Deni Ice Cream Maker with Candy Cusher
Bob ClarkJan 1.
Very inexpensive way to start making ice cream at home.

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