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Splash-Proof Super-Fast Thermapen – Instant Read Thermometer

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Thermapen – Instant Read Thermometer

There is nothing more generally useful in the kitchen than a fast, (as in instant), accurate thermometer.

Conversely, trying to work with a slow, inaccurate one is worse than not having one. I am quite seriousness. If you spend $12 on a junky thermometer, you will ruin more dishes than if you don’t use one at all and instead just use whatever rule of thumb the recipe suggests for gauging doneness.

The Thermapen Instant Read Thermometer is simply the best one you can buy for anywhere near the money.

Open it up, it turns on and works flawlessly. Fold it closed and it turns off. The Thermapan has everything you would want in a thermometer. It is well made, rugged and mindlessly simple to use. Yes it costs around $90, but it’s worth every penny. And you don’t have to just take my word for it, if you click on the Amazon link below you will see that out of 354 customer reviews, 316 are 5 star.

It is one of those tools that once you own it you wonder how you lived without it.

As I did, you will find more and more uses for it. And as useful as it is in cooking egg custards for ice cream, it is fantastic for cooking meats and fish to exactly the level you desire.

In ice cream making you will use it for two primary purposes.

  1. To make sure your egg custards cook enough without overcooking and ruining. Custards need to hit that sweet spot of between 170° F and 185º F but not go over which can happen very quickly as the mix is approaching a boil.
  2. To test the temperature of mixes when pre-chilling especially if you own a canister style ice cream maker. You want that mix to get to within a few degrees of freezing, without actually freezing. A thermometer like this can help.

Do you need this thermometer to successfully make ice cream at home? Absolutely not! But if you get pleasure from tools that help take cooking to that next level of exactness and reliability the Thermapen is for you.


Splash-Proof Super-Fast Thermapen – Instant Read Thermometer
Bob ClarkJan 1.
The only home instant read kitchen thermometer worth owning.

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